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    What is the best rod out on the market for slip bobber fishing?
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    This could become interesting to find out what rod folks are looking for when fishing with slip bobbers.

    To me, since you are using a bobber, you wouldn't have to go with an expensive rod due to the fact that sensitivity doesn't come into play with this technique. I believe you could go with just about any rod that will have enough backbone to handle the species you are targeting, yet still have enough action and tip for casting the distance you need. I would recommend either an Ugly Stick or GALYANS HM 30.

    (Looking forward to seeing what others will be recommended.)

  3. if you want to have fun with pan fish and small bass then just get a cheap ultra light for around 50.00-60.00, there are so many rods to choose from, for ultra light go with a 6 foot Ultra light (the reel makes a world of difference) I use sierra spincast ultra, for the money you wont regret, a good all around rod and reel for a mere hundred bucks ;) good luck! hope this helps chris.
  4. a227986 What are you fishing for Walleye,Bass or panfish?
    Are you fishing five feet deep --20 or more?
    Monofilament or no stretch--Fireline/braid?

    A link to some great slip bobbers.
  5. you can't go wrong with an ugly stick. i have the from 5 ft ultra lite to 9 ft medium heavy. been a big fan of them for years.