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  1. I saw where Skybus is out of business. On a website I saw where you contact your credit card company for a refund.
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    my buddy has 3 different trips book with them some of the have nonrefundable hotel reservations....he was told to call his credit card company and dispute the charges because skybus was not going to refund all he is out about $1200 with air fare and trip reservations...kind of a crock of crap on the news the were people stuck at their destinations not having a way guy said he just paid for his flights this morning now they say they wont refund...i see a huge legal battle here maybe someone going to jail

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    please post links/sources

    edit: nevermind, found it.

  4. my sister,with her two kids, is stuck in florida right now with no way to get home. Also, her brother in law and his 6 kids are stuck in florida also.
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    the college I work at had the (former) CEO of Skybus speak at graduation maybe three weeks ago, and he had only good things to say about the company.

    According to the AP article I read he resigned about two weeks ago, which would have been right after I saw him speak. he was a very interesting speaker, he compared business to zen Buddhism and the samurai code.

    I hope your sister makes it home in a safe and timely manner, ski!
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    thouugh i sympatise with all the folks who got stiffed by this,i have to laugh at those involved with what turned out to be a real dud.i'm not the sharpet knife in the drawer,but how could supposed intelligent business heads expect to fly people all over the place for 10 bucks and stay in business?:rolleyes:
    i'm only surprised they lasted the few months that they did.even with their extra charges and long term plan(apparently not a good one)that was either the most stupid or most ballsy venture i've heard of in awhile,LOL.
    again,i hate to see the customers get shorted and hope they can at least get their money back.
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    They were the cheap way to get to the Keys. I guess that trip won't happen again. I liked the carrier- nice planes, good service and great prices.
    Son-of-a-beach! That stinks. I feel bad for the people stuck wherever they are. ATA just went down as well and they were bigger than Skybus and they left people everywhere as well. When these guys go down, they go down fast. It's a shame. Fuel and other costs just keep going crazy- it's gonna get worse too.

  8. Today's paper says they are closing shop soon.
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    Good luck with the refunds...

    I called Chase, and they are telling me the only way to dispute a charge like that is to do a fraud claim, however that won't fly because the purchase was authorized.

    It ain't over yet...
  10. Did you all really think it was going to last? Yeah, I want to fly a SkyBus.
    The only SkyBus I want to fly is the Concord. So sorry, it's out of service too. My .02.
  11. My family and I were supposed to go to Ft.Myers next month, thats probably not going to happen now, tough part is telling your kids its more than likely off, we called our credit card company this morning and they said call back Monday morning, I have pretty much accepted the fact that Im going to be out about $500 on this deal(even though we are going to try and do something) I to can see this dragging out for a long time.
  12. My neighbors flew on Skybus to Ft. Lauderdale on Monday and drove a rental car to the Keys from there. They were supposed to fly back via Skybus this comming Wednesday. I called their cell last night to give them a "heads up" so they could make other arrangements. They about sh*t when I told them what happened. They might be driving the rental back to Columbus.
  13. A buddy of mine was in the same boat when Southeast went out a couple years back...stuck in Tampa, this mornings Dispatch leaves some hope about working something out with your CC company, right now all you can do is hope.
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    Reminds me of an Steve Miller song something about take the money and run!! A whole bunch of interest free loans were given to Skybus.....
    Little guy screwed again rich guy drives off laughing still got his millions.

    I feel bad for all those stuck at airports and needing refunds, good luck with the court thing!