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  1. shroomhunter

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    Hats off to Skybus, great quick flights both ways Columbus/Greensboro. Made for a 4-1/2 hr drive to Myrtle.

    Just in case anyone was wondering how their flights are, I found them to be great for the price. We had the $10 flights down and $20 back home. Pop/coffee $2 and beer/wine $5. Checked bags run $5 each but cannot exceed 50 Lbs and they do weigh them.
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    I've booked tickets to Ft. Lauderdale in December so I can go fishing in Marathon for 4 days. I got the $10 tickets for the outbound flight but paid $40 for the return. So, with taxes and fees I'm going to Florida for $70. It would take that much fuel for me to drive to Erie just about with my boat so yes, it's worth it.

    Was the plane comfortable? What row was the best for room?


  3. I flew into St Augustine in July. 4 of us flew round trip for $305. There is a $5 fee for each checked in baggage. The flight was nice, especially the non stop part of it. I would defintely fly with them again.
  4. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    You can pay an additional $10 each way and get priority boarding which allows you on first. If you want leg room and you qualify, sit in the emergency exit row seats over the wings as they have the most leg room. As with most planes general seating is somewhat cramped. There is no first class seating offered. The planes were Airbus planes, I can't remember the model #,with 3 seats per side, the trip down was full but coming back we had our pick of seats. The only real comfortable seats I ever had were onboard the Commandant of the Marine Corps jet that I got to fly on once. The worst was the C130 flights to Europe, aluminum frames with canvs support straps, man those were rough.
  5. I flew skybus to Boston for $70 round trip for a deep sea fishing trip chasing tunas. Great flight, on time, early arrival, no complaints. Flying to San Diego next month for only $205.