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Skunked on the Ohio yesterday (3-20-05)

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by dmbfanatpsu, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. I fished from about noon untill 6pm. I was using frozen cut skipjack that I purchased from Cincinnati Wholesale Bait. I also tried something new - Rusty's baby shad which I found at Wal-Mart. I fished 3 different places from shore and didn't even get a single bite. I first fished the mouth of the licking river, then by schmidt boat ramp, and finally I tried a spot on the LMR at Magrish park. Not sure what I'm doing wrong? Last summer was my first time fishing for cats on the Ohio and I've only landed 4 since then. I've done tons of "research" by reading websites and chating with folks on here, but I'm starting to get convinced that one needs a boat and a fishfinder to locate the necessary "structure" that holds catfish. Is their any hope for the shore fisherman on the Ohio for cats?
  2. Also, I caught all my cats using nightcrawlers. I've never caught a cat using live or cut bait, is their a trick to it?

  3. The trick is to keep trying ;) Everyone has bad days!
  4. I believe the Ohio Is just a little too high and the water too cold for the cats to be on the feed bag. My brother and i were out last firday in his boat . Fished the kicking & around downtown cincy. Had cut frozen skipjacks. In 6 hours had total of 4 bites but caught 2 fish. His was a 6 pund channel in the licking. I caught a 3 pound blue in the ohio by the waterfront restaurant in Covinton. As for a fish finder check out those humming bird Smartcast set ups. I just tried mine out yesterday by the Fedrick'slanding ramp. I was very impressed with the details that showed up on the small screen. I would say save up it instead of a new reel. It will save you a lot of time castinto dead water and at least show where there is cover and fish in the area you are trying to fish. You may want to try fishing over at the serpentine wall by the brakers next time you are around downtown. Tight lines :)
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    Keep trying and dont give up, last year was a bad year for alot of catfishermen, myself included...And your chances would go up I am sure if you had a boat.
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    Hey Norb, welcome to OGF, good to see you here...................Doc
  7. Thanks for the advise and as for a boat, I'll have wait untill I pay off my student loans or untill I marry into some money....LOL :D
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    Amen brother!