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  1. Anyone ever have this happen to them? I bought an outboard and now no response from the seller....nothing, nada , zilch! I have filed a claim with PayPal so I hope I can recover my cash. Long story short, won the item, paid for it immediately, a few days letter get a message from seller that he found problem with that motor and was going to send me pics of another, newer motor he would send instead. It took a few days but he finally did I said looks good. The pics included the serial number plate. May 13th he sent an email stating he was shipping the next day and would send me the tracking number. That's the last I've heard from him!!! I have a phone number that he gave me that first time about the problem with the original motor and after many, many attempts, no replies. The odd thing is the PayPal payee is a different name that he signed on his emails and there is nothing else listed on Ebay for him or his Ebay store. I think I'm screwed!!!!
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    how did the seller's feedback look? that is the first thing I check when buying a big ticket item on ebay.

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    That's the first thing I look at as well. It sounds as if you got ripped off. You stated you used Paypal. You should have some recourse with them.
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    I feel your pain. I bought an outboard off ebay and it took months to get my outboard. it came down to I had to pay for shipping twice. He shipped it c.o.d. after I already sent him the shipping money. I filed a claim and he disappeared off ebay or just changed his name I think.
  5. I checked it before bidding and it was "OK" I'd say. There was a couple about shipping and or packaging issues but they were resolved. It shows he has been a seller since 2003. Flyboy88888 is his seller name.
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    See this....

    After 3 weeks, if you still have not rec'd the motor, go to the Resolutions Center at PayPal and file "Item not received". Seller will have to prove that the item was shipped, or Paypal will take back your money.

    FWIW - this could be a long and frustrating process if this seller plays hard ball. You may get your money back, you may not. In the future, I'd advise against buying anything like an outboard motor from someone UNLESS they are some kind of dealer.
  7. I won a SD memory card on eBay and got a run around after immediately paying Paypal. The dude claimed he posted wrong starting price and would give me my refund. Three weeks later I ran out of patience and made claim through Paypal after many emails and no reply. I gave nasty but honest feedback and he did the same thing to me. I contacted my credit card company Am Ex and I got prompt credit and Am Ex or Paypal resolved it. I was forced to agree to mutually drop bad feedback. He lied about me not paying when I had payed Paypal within a few hours of winning item. I won't bid expensive stuff anymore. The full blow paypal resolution can take many weeks...use decent credit card company like Am Ex that will back you up.
  8. That's common practice among scammers. He probably hijacked someone elses ebay account, opened a new paypal account, then shut it down after he got your money.

    If you used a credit card to pay for the transaction, contact the card company and get your money back.

    PayPal can be very frustrating to work with (to get your moeny back). They would rather do nothing about it.
  9. not always the case. I ordered a UFC DVD Box Set from a seller with 99.5% feedback last year. He was in Austria. Paypal charged me the 49 dollars, plus 15 for shipping, and never recieved the item... Luckily for me, paypal refunded my money, but took me around 3 months to get it.
  10. Well I guess my PayPal claim stimulated a response, finally. The name difference is because the two are partners. One of them has had a family member seriously ill which was mentioned very early on in the correspondance, but I don't think that that excuses NO response at attempts to contact them. I'm supposed to get the tracking number for shipping on Thursday 5/29. I said I'll withdraw the claim after I get the number. I can understand not shipping because of family illness, but I would expect some sort of aknowledgement of calls and emails and explaining there may be a delay in shipment. So we'll see. I may not be screwed just yet!
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    Man, that serious ill family member thing on ebay is getting out of hand. If even 10% of those claims are true there are enough cases to make insurance companies nervous. Dude starts selling on eBay then the next thing you BAM! ... half-sisters, step-uncles and cousins twice removed start landing in the hospital.
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    You probably got burned. Take paypall account and s-can it! Totally unsecure! Its on you now! Paypall won,t help you recover your funds and neither will ebay. Theres only one way to buy secure! Pay for the item with a bank moneyorder (your bank) on items less then $250. Over that $ amount (big dollar purchase)you send a small deposit and pick the item up in person and pay certified bank MO.. Contact the seller during the bidding, if they are legit they will agree to your terms. If they sign the MO and cash it and don,t ship, ITS POSTAL FRAUD, AND THEY ARE GOING TO JAIL!!! And the U.S mail don,t mess around! They WILL pursue this to the end! My wife is a bank exec. We buy and sell big ticket items. BANK MONEY ORDERS ONLY!This is the only way to do legit business on the internet. And don,t buy anything out of the U.S.A! Somebody at customs will hold it up forever and probably keep it! Canada is about the worst we have delt with. Its very easy for an ebay sellor to disappear after the ripoff and come up with a new account. I had my ebay account hacked 3 years ago (zfish helped me recover the account) from a party only 40 miles away and ebay wouldn,t do squat even after we identified the ebay person that stole the account. I would respond to ebay, they would respond back (I guess), but there response went to the ebayer that stole my account. Somehow they changed my email to go to them. and yes, I had to pay all the theifs sellor fees to ebay to recover my account. EBAY IS TOTALLY UNSECURE! Change your password often! I now have an ebay password that they created now. If my account is stolen its on them to pay. Raider
  13. I have been ripped off and had paypal recoup my money a couple of times. One time when I recieved a broken item, they took my money back and one time I bought tickets from someone who bought them with a stolen credit card and got paid back, also one other time when I did not recieve an item they got it back.

    Seems to work fine for me, guess I am lucky
  14. Seems to be the B E S T advice. Thank You!

    On the brighter side I always used the Amex Card & only once out of 138 transactions I got a Palm that did'nt work properly. I was fortunate that the seller kept up his side of the bargin.

  15. I would not cancel the complaint with Ebay or Paypal until you actually have the motor in hand. He may send you a crate of bricks. I also looked him up, and it states that he is "not a registered user". I hope it all works out for you.
    Keep us posted.
  16. I checked last night while at work and also noticed he/they were now listed as not registered. I had received an email from Ebay Loss Prevention and was informed that that listing was removed I think his account was suspended until this is resolved. We'll see what happens today. And I had thought about not cancelling the claim until it received. Thanks all for the advice, experiences and input.
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    If all else fails, if you paid via Paypal with your credit card, just give the CC company a call.
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    i had a guy never send me a duck call. and his ph # was posted . i called it after 3 weeks and it wound up being his parents home # in a different state. i threatened him with legal action as i did not know it was his father or if he was lying. he emailed me the next day and was mad i called his father and asked how i got the ph#. in the end he had some girl buy me a brand new one from a dealer and had it shipped to my address in her name?
  19. So far nothing at posting time, so I will let the PayPal claim run its course and check with my bank.
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    And have had exactly one deal go south. I won the item, paid immediately and did not hear from the seller for 2 weeks. Contacted PayPal, was contacted 2 days later by the seller who claimed computer issues and said he would send item. It never came so I went back to PayPal. They attempted to resolve the issue but could not. They refunded my money in full. It was easy, relatively quick and painless. I love the system and use it often. I guess I'm like olwhitee- lucky.
    Or maybe a little more thorough.