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10-13: 10:50 I picked up my grandson for a trip with the boat on the river. The reason for the late start was due to very cold morning. I did get some fresh creek chubs this time. WE got the boat in the river and headed down river at 11:20. There was already a very strong up river wind that producing white caps

There were about 3 other boats in the same general area that we stopped for first spot. The wind was stronger than the slow current; our boat was turn sideways after we anchored. We started out with chub, a live shiner, and a live blue gill. We never even got a tap, so lifted the anchor. We rode down river trying to get out of the wind. No luck with that so decided to head back up river, did come across a number of fish on the fish finder. Anchored up in 47 feet of water and boat was really rocking. The fish would have had yank the rod almost out of the boat to tell if you did have a bite.

13:00 tried back at our first spot, once again marked fish but no action at all. So 13:50 we headed back up river in hope to get out of the wind. The last spot was on the Ohio side across from Bellevue at 14:15. No way of getting away from the white caps there either. No bites, so called it a day at 15:00. So once again all we can say is “we gave it a try”!

A very frustrating trip for the both of us!

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