Skunked at WB - Blown tire

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by triton175, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. triton175

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    Took the day off from work today. Too nice out to not be fishing.
    Got on the water at Westbranch at 0900. Trolled homemade lures for Muskie until about noon. Then cast bucktails for an hour or so and still got nothing.
    Was marking LOTS of small fish all morning so I figured I'd catch a few crappie before I left. Stopped in an area with a ton of marks and caught absolutely nothing.
    On the way home the rear tire of my truck blew out right at the central interchange in Akron. Sounded like a rifle shot. Got of the highway and onto a side street (not in the best area) and changed the tire. Tire had a huge gash in it, and I have no idea what I hit. Got home with no damage to the truck or trailer, tire is shot.

    Still beats going to work ;)

    Also got to finally meet Luredaddy in person. It was good talking with you John, I hope you had better luck than I did.

  2. MuskieJim

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    As the wise fisherman once said, "A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work"

    Glad it was only a tire and nothing serious happened. WB and I have a love hate relationship. I HATE West Branch but LOVE to catch muskies there (when they're cooperating!:) )

  3. Nice meeting you Brian!!! If we have to have mishaps, I THINK it is better on the way home!!!! I left at 1:00, my buddy caught 3 subs at 2:00!!!!! A sub would have given me a boost today!!! Oh well, maybe tomorrow!!!!
  4. Must be some bad carma Brian. I had one of my trailer tires blow out on the way there Sunday morning and then also took a skunk. You're right John. Would have been better on the way home instead of at 0445 in the morning.