skunked at the lmr

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishymcgoo, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. fishymcgoo

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    fished the lmr for about two hours today and didnt land a fish. i had one pole out for cats and another with a crankbait looking for smallies and nothing:mad: i guess if you caught em all the time everyone would fish. with the weather this nice i cant help but try again tommorow. i did catch a couple "tree pounders" today though.
  2. the fishing has gotten a little difficult, we need rain badly but it doesnt look like we will be getting any soon. got a flattie a channel tonight, plus a sauger on a spook? and a handful of other random fishes. last night I got a half dozen smallies and found a bunch of mooneye. the fishing was better a few days ago right before the full moon. I'm thinking about fishing the ohio until then, the best bite on the lmr right now is the mooneye, fun but that gets old.

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    I'm hoping to get out there on Sat. The weather forecast isn't calling for rain for a while. The river is low and clear. Even if you aren't going to catch much it's a good time to scout the water, looking for deep holes and rock structure. So when the water rises you will know where to cast.