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  1. Well I headed to a creek on the eastside this morning to try and catch my first steelhead. This is my third year fishing for steelhead and I have yet to catch one. People on the left and right of my were nailing them, but me not so much. I was fly fishing and I used everything in my fly box with no luck. I just dont understand what the heck the deal is. I'm not sure if I need to get a guide to educate me or what? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    what flies were you using? are you nymphing? are you swinging streamers? what were the other guys using? ya gotta explain more so we can give you advice. if possible always try to sneak a look at the other peoples flies who are catching the fish. lol

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    When I started out and the guy next to me was caching fish I would just ask them what they were using and if I cold look at their set up. Most guys will be more than happy to help out. Check out a copy of John Nagy’s Steelhead Guide. It’s all about fly fishing for steelhead with a ton of fly tips but it’s a good read for both fly and spin fishing.
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    ya I seconds the john nagy steelhead guide. got mine from the library and read it over. lots of good tips

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Your fly might not be getting down to the proper depth where the fish are at.

  6. i was the only one using a fly rod at the time i was there. i was using some egg patterns because all of the people around me were using spawn sacs. i also tried some woolly buggers and a couple minnow patterns.
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    Heh, I had that problem too, except nobody else was catching them either except for a guy fishing dead shiners.
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    I fished 3 different access spots and did some walking on Saturday on the Rocky and I didn't catch anything either, I fished spawn and jig/maggot combo's...Tried slow pools and some faster water in all the spots I fished...I stopped down near the ramps and saw a guy catch one and a couple of guys yelling back and forth at each other caught a couple.

    I do suck at steelhead fishing..I wish I was 5% the steelhead fisherman that I am a walleye fisherman, or need more luck :p

    I caught squaouche, but I'll be back at it this weekend.
  9. PM me. maybe we can hook up and I'll show you some tricks.

    BTW, there is nothing sweeter than nailing fish when the bait and hardware chuckers aren't hitting anything. a little validation.