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    Went after trout at Rush Run earlier this morning. Water was obviously high and muddy, could not buy a bite. I did meet Powerstrokethis out there, so that was good. Left him and his lady there to catch all the trout after I left and went to try for the trout at Possum Creek. Lot's of guys out there, but no one was even getting a nibble. I had decided to try my favorite flooded areas on the GMR, but the water was to high and fast at my usual high water areas. After about an hour of scouting the river, I finally was able to get a line in. Before I could bait my second hook, I had my first of 11 channels on. Fished two rods for a little while but went back to one as the cats were hitting so fast. Landed 11 between 2 and 8 pounds, missed many more. I think I am going to be "sick" and unable to make it in to work the next four or five days!:) Gmr_Guy, Powerstroke this or any of you other guys I have fished with give me a shout (or a pm) I'd like to fish with you during this hot streak.
  2. hell yea man you just tell me where to be and when and we can burn them up. was really nice meeting you today.