skunk problem

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by elyfishingmaster, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. elyfishingmaster

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    we have a skunk that lives in the garage and sprays all the time and i was wondering what is the easiest way to get rid of it
  2. If you have already contacted the city you live in and they don’t offer animal control trap it yourself.

  3. creature catcher

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    Call Ace Wildlife Control they are in your area. Hope this helps.
  4. UFM82

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    My neighbor swears by it. Put it on the corners of the garage and don't spare it.

    Otherwise, I'd dig a pit 6' X 6' and 6' deep, line the bottom with steel spikes and cover the opening with sticks and leaves. Oh, wait, that's for tigers. NEVER MIND THAT SUGGESTION.

  5. bopperattacker

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    take a coon trap. cover it with a hefty bag so after you trap it, it can't spray you. Bait with a can of cat food. Once it's trapped, tie the hefty bag tight, cover in lighter fluid, light on fire, watch the fire works. Last steps are optional.
  6. Dynamite, Just blow up the garage and it won't have anyplace to live.
  7. elyfishingmaster

    elyfishingmaster Junior member

    well the problem was solve last night a dog must have got ahold of it we found it dead today
  8. That's good :S Glad you didn't have to blow up the garage:rolleyes:
  9. My brother-in-law had the same problem. He used a coon trap , when the skunk was in the trap he just let it starve to death. Took about 10 days but that solved his problem.
  10. BrianSipe17

    BrianSipe17 Brilliant!

    What ever happened to just shooting stuff? It's already spraying... shoot it. A dead skunk can't spray.
  11. Rednek

    Rednek "The Widow's Son"

    That's Great.....Just more ammo for the PETA folks. Shoot the darn thing humanely.
  12. PETA will cry no matter how you kill it, its the fact that you are killing it that makes them mad.

    When my grandparents used to have animal problems like that, we used to just trap them and then put them in a drum full of water and drown them.
  13. I have a dog with uncontrollable gas...kind of a similar situation wouldn't you say?
  14. Seaturd

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    You can always blame the dog now even when you're being uncontrollable...
  15. The One

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    Pellet gun always worked for me.
  16. i got about 13 out from under my deck. block off all the exits and put a have a heart trap where they will come out. or put tuna/bacon in the trap. once you get them you can put a tarp over the top of the cage. as long as you move slow they wont spray. hold the tarp up high just in case you get a fighter. put the tarp behind your truck and pin the corners of the tarp down with bricks. run a shop vac hose under it and let the motor gently hum them to sleep. after about 20 minutes you can toss em in the garbage. if you pop them with a pellet gun they will lose control and leak out.
  17. littleking

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    Try an owl decoy, they are their biggest predator
  18. ezbite

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    :S your brother-in-law is some piece of work:S . why torture it? :S
  19. Just what I was thinking ;) Starve them or drown it would be last on the list:(