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skipps @Fishermans Quarters

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cat daddy, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. you can now buy skipps at Fishermans Quarters on Keowee st in Dayton. they are 6.00 a lb. for me this is the best way to go, it cost me at least 25.00 every time i go to the river for them and then there is no guarantee for them. this way i can spend 6 bucks and go cattin alot more. there phone # is 937 222-2224 ask for Chris,
  2. Wow, six dollars a pound! These fish must be magic in the river!.
    Me and my fishing buddy did a little experiment when we had some earlier in the year. We fished several lakes ponds and even the Brookville resevior and
    large, fresh cut shad out performed the cut skipp 2 to 1. Don't know about the rivers, you guys must know something I don't! By the way, every paylake
    in the area had 1 to 2 pound skipps for 3- 5 a piece in April and May. I'm almost positive they were all down at Medhal when the skipps were running with huge garbage cans full of them.