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  1. Anyone had any luck with skipjacks latley? I went down to the Aberdeen discharge this morning with a friend around 6 this morning. Besides the fact it was freezing, it was kind of nice to be out. Had no luck with skipjacks though fishing a the mouth and at the actual discharge itself. Caught some wipers that were really small. There were a lot of fishing swirling in the mouth. Ended up throwing the net and they were shad. Left with 40 shad all in the 1 pound range (big guys only can put 2 in a gallon size bag)

    Just can't seem to find any skips anywhere!
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    Dealer the spring run will be here soon. Second week in March they will be on fire! Keep an eye on the POSSE for more info! Bigred will let you know when they start their run!

  3. never new there was a spring run with skippies. do you get them below the dams like hybrids or do they hang out else ware
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    i fish below greenup alot i take a 5 gallon bucket a ultralight setup and cast out tiny white jigs and reel back fast and twitch it while im reeling it catches the skips great u can fill a 5Gal. bucket in 10-15min if there goin good