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Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Doctor, Mar 29, 2008.

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    This picture is from 2005, this is Barkley dam where I go to get Skipjack, today I found out that because of all the high water on the Ohio that the water from the Cumberland river is backed up to the dam, look to the left and see the location of the top of the riprrap, the water level is five feet below that so if I were standing at Barkley today where I am in this picture there would be 40 foot of water above my head, that is just unreal.............Doc

  2. I went about two hours north of Dayton yesterday for a sporting event. Every creek ,river and ditch was out of it's banks . It could be a while before the Big O is back . Rain most of next week .

  3. Wow,I have always liked high water but that is TOO HIGH :)