Skipjack on the GMR

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  1. Any folks out there catch skipjacks on the GMR? Any tips as to locations (not specific spots, just eddies, WWD, ect.), on what baits, and any other pertinant info would be awsome. I know a good bait spot is a closely guarded secret.

    Trophy Hunter
  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Anything small and white is great bait to catch them with. Sabiki rigs are a favorite of most, but a single 1" white twister tail on a jig head will suffice!

  3. i get them up to hamilton in the late summer until the first cold snap, not in big numbers though. two small crappie jigs or flies in front of a 1/4ounce hopkins drills them.
  4. I too have heard tales of spawning runs up the GMR off the Ohio River. Can anyone else add any input?
  5. Just remember that a sabiki rig is technically illegal inland according to Ohio's fishing rules. ( too many hooks) I have seen a few caught below Hamiliton but never seen or heard of any above the dam there. I have taken 1 as far up as Morrow on the LMR though.

  6. i dont know about a spawning run, i almost never take them in the spring, my best guess is the run up the lmr & the gmr because of the cooler temps, higher O2(riffles) and billions of tiny shiners everywhere. they are mostly young of the years as well, i see them as early as late june but they dont get big enough to catch until late july. i too have taken them up to morrow and have a friend who has taken them below CC dam, i've always been impressed how far up rivers these fish migrate. and salmonid brings up a god point about the skabiki's, watch yourself if using them.
    also as far as baitfish go, the lmr and probably the gmr gets a large run of mooneye in late may and there are some in the river usually until late sept. if your looking for bait those things are killer, fly rod or wax worms 10in under a bobber, runs in the evening below riffles in the day.