Skim ice!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JIG, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. A few small ponds and deep cuts had total ice this morning. Might be an inch on them by week end. Hope 72 bay doesnts lock up. Till then Im headed trollin tonight on in-land waters. To stained up north for eyes at night. Keep ya posted. Probably head to WB
  2. I noticed that too this morning.

    I woke up at 5:00 to go hunting, looked at the current temp and went back to bed.:D

    Time to get the ice shed ready.

  3. Tough gettin started but worth one fish. Set out of the dam ramp and fought the snow,wind and ice. After the first pass with nothin on pullin boards, I took them off and hit this girl in 10fow flat-lining. After that the kicker broke and the elect batt was dead. Speed trolled through the bait but no takers. This is C&R in its best. Great watching them swim off just To bad the DNR wont stock them anymore. .
  4. Nice looking eye from the Branch Bobby. Even if I did have to use my magnifying glass to see it. lol
  5. I thought that Dixie and I were nuts for going on Erie last night. 2 inches of snow in the boat. And you were catching fish at West Branch! Plum crazy! LOL Nice catch! We got skunked!
  6. Thanks guys! Sorry about the pics. One thing Ive not got straight since the up grade of the site. That eye was 24in. Probably be back out Tues for sure. Got run to Cleveland for a radio. If it works John I can meet up at 72.
  7. Jig, if you use to host your pics, you can easily upload them by simply clicking on "copy link" after they're uploaded to the Photobucket site.