Skies in the upper Hoga?

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  1. I talked with a guy who insisted there is a small population of muskellunge in the upper reaches of the Hoga. I've been fishing the river for a few years and I keep thinking he's getting his toothy critters confused.
  2. I heard the same from one of my dad's friends 20 years ago. It is possible, try fishing that part of the hoga that he fishes....

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    Could be. There's muskies in the upper reaches of the Grand...
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    im guessing youre right about his "crossed critters"... true about the grand.ive fished the upper cuy. for close to 20 yrs. no musky,or tigers.. its possible ,but i doubt it.
  5. if so u could count the number of them on ur hand. I never heard of a muski in the hoga. Maybe he has them confused with pike like u said.
  6. the old tackle shack used to have a pic of about a 15 -20 lb muskie caught down on front street i don't know how long ago.
  7. a while back-maybe five or ten years ago-i'm pretty sure they were electroshocking right below the route 82 dam in brecksville and a muskie floated up. does anyone else remember this?
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    I have worked the hoga from hiram to cuyhoga falls for 40 yrs and NEVER seen a lunge. Doesn't mean there cant be any tho I guess.
  9. I too have fished the Hoga. for the past 30 some years and never heard of a Muskie being caught..As Fishers of Men said not to say there was not one in there...People do move fish around in a bucket, someone may have dumped one in at one time or another.......Jim....