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  1. Was wondering what you guys use to treat your Skien to preserve it or to firm it up so it is not such a sticky mess to deal with when you are fishing ?? , I know about 20 mule team borax that people use was wondering if you guys use anything else
    Thanks for any input

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    well because your a good friend of Steve, i'll send you a pm on how i cure my eggs!!!!!

  3. Thanks Bob , you have a PM
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    I keep it all natural and add nothing to it. Our streams are very slow flowing and I believe the fish have more time to smell the eggs. If I can smell borax, I'm sure the fish will smell it.

    I'll catch a hen and bleed her by cutting the gill plate. By removing the blood there is less likely chance of the eggs spoiling. I'll put the fish in a cooler full of ice. Once I get home, I'll remove the skein and place it on paper towels. Note to newbies DON'T RINSE THE SKEIN WITH WATER. Because you'll wash the scent of eggs right down the drain. Before handling the eggs, I like to rub anise oil on my hands to remove any scent.

    Then I'll carefully scrap the eggs off the membrane with a small spoon. I know some guys that cut the skein into chunks. I'll let the eggs air dry for about 3 hours. The eggs should feel tacky and dry. Since I have vacuum sealer, I'll place some eggs in a bag and have the machine seal the eggs in an air tight bag. Once in the freezer the eggs will last a long time