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    :mad: While fishing in the COCC tourney at O'shay last night we had an incident with a ski boat. The tourney had been going on for about a half hour (7:30pm) and we were anchored just across the river from the watercraft boathouse (south end of Home rd boat docks we were 20yds outside of the no wake zone ) when a large ski boat decided to turn around right in front of us going very fast as they drove by we threw our arms up and shook our heads. Mind you I fish from a small 14 ft semi vee boat and the huge wake almost swamped us, as the drove away they we laughing and saying ha look at that. Of course I was mad but the fish were biting and I thought "well whatever". A half hour later here they come again and this time I was ready. I pulled out my camcorder and filmed them driving in circles around us creating as much wake as possible and getting dangerously close at their speed. This went on for probably 3-5 minutes. I have the name of the boat and know that they dock it right at the docks at Home rd and have footage clearly showing the act and the name on the boat. I would like to see them punished to the fullest extent. Even though its probably only a small fine I want to see something done. I tried today to get ahold of a watercraft officer but all the numbers say call back during business hours, so I will. Does anyone know of any other ways to get justice? Ive opted not to take it out on their boat even though I know where it is left unattended, although I had to practically restrain my partner from going over and cutting their fuel lines. At the end of it all we ended up getting 16 fish outta that spot and had enough to barely edge out 2nd place by .2 lbs to take 1st. It kinda sucks that that tourney win had to be tarnished by some Jerk making me ticked off for half the night, but hopefully Ill get the last laugh by seeing him ticketed.
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    Well, I for one sure hope that the officer you get in touch with will take this matter seriously enough to press charges. If not, I believe that I would take the footage to the local TV station, and ask them for there help.

    Good idea restraining your partner, he doesn't need to stoop to there level.
    ( Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to there level and beat you with it)

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    I think you'll be very suprised how the law will take this incident VERY seriously if you have video of them circling you in their boat and purposely creating a potential life threatning hazard. Watercraft officials generally have a zero tolerance for this type of crap.
    People wonder what would posess an, otherwise responsable, adult man to approach another and beat the living crap out of him well here is your perfect example. While I do not advocate that type of action for anyone, that is EXACTLY what I'd of done if I was there. And I would not had to have been in your boat either. I would have ran him down in mine if I had seen it happen.:mad:
    Glad this story didn't end with you getting swamped.
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    Contact the water patrol as you said, but I would also contact the Delaware County Sheriff office as they have jurisdiction at O'Shaugnessy. Call the sheriff's office and set up a time you can show them the footage. I know the Sheriff's office won't put up with that stuff either. Keep us posted on how it comes out.
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    i too would have called the police as they were drunk more than likely!and endangered your life .
  6. I hope something gets done i to have dealt with the idiots. Last Monday night wake board and boat getting as close as possible on purpose and making giant waves. Moves twice they followed,parked just inside no wake zone and they shot right to bouys and cut it as hard as possible trying to make as big a wave as they could. It will not happen again i will as mentioned get on phone and call sheriff till they show up and handle the matter. :mad:
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    does o'shay have wc officers on duty,on the water?i know it's smaller than hoover,but hoover's officers carry cell phones(different than the office) and are typically on duty from 6 a.m. till midnight.they may not always be on the water,but are on duty and available if you have their cell number.i have that number on speed may want to check into it,and get the number for o'shay officers if they operate the same way.
  8. That's exactly why I have mounted a small cannon on my boat. Firing one across their bow always seems to do the trick. I hope they have to walk the plank.
  9. O'shay is under the jurisdiction of the city of Columbus, the patrol officers are C-bus police. I hope you get some justice, but I doubt it. Had a similar incident 3 years ago & the cops acted like it was our fault because we were fishing near an area that the ski club uses extensively. The cops wanted to give my partner & I a sobriety check, safety check, etc.. When we passed everything , they told us not to fish that area, that it was for skiers. I basically told them to "F" themselves since it's public water & reminded them of the laws regarding safety, but they didn't want to hear it. A call to the C-bus HQ, filing a formal complaint, & not letting it die got us a written appology & an assurance it wouldn't happen again. It didn't happen again either until we fished the same area & the same boat buzzed us repeatedly. The cops didn't have settle that one, but I have full faith that they would have taken the skiers side ..... money talks !!
    Good luck
  10. If you can get the OH number off the boat and dock number where the boat it kept, That would help also. You can contact the coast guard also and they will follow up on this. If something isn't done they will continue to do this and the next time someone could be hurt... Don't let them get away with it....

    O'Shaughnessy Reservoir is patroled by ODNR rangers.. Columbus PD doesn't have any control over that body of water.

  11. You can give Griggs park patrol a call at 614-645-4945 . I am sure they will give you the number of who to contact about this.

    Hope this helped
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    garry,is it dnr or city watercraft?i'm just curious because being a city reservoir,i thought the city division of watercraft had juristdiction as they do on hoover:confused:
  13. All I see on the side of their boat is Ranger... Its not a city boat up there. At Griggs Dam they run city boats there.
  14. I had a similar problem at Alum creek 2 weeks ago and trust me NOTHING will be done.My problem happened right in front of a Watercraft officer,talked to him,his boss in the office,Alum creek park director and they all said there wasn't anything they could or would do.There's alot of our tax and liscense fee's money hard at work.
  15. Thats why I said to contact the Coast Guard also... Those guys up at O'Shaughnessy are good guys... I'm sure they will do what they can.... With having a video of it will also help alot....

    Not sure how far off the bank they were anchored? Being outside of the no wake area will not help either...

    I'm kind of surprised about this going on at O'Shaughnessy too.. The skiers are pretty nice when I have been up there. Like at Griggs the body of water isn't wide enought for some of the boats they are running now... You just have to hang on if you are out in the ski area. They have every right to be on the water as we do. What these guys did was't right. I am sure something will happen. I hate to say they will probably only get a warning.

    I was fishing above the island at Griggs today. This guy in a canoe with a small motor on it. Sounded like a lawnmower...LOL Anyways... He went around us and then came right back into the bank and was running a couple of feet away from the bank. Well... I just said there went any fish in front of me. No use even trying to fish that bank once he went up it..... Some people just don't think....

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    from parks and recreation department..................
    so it seems o'shay is the same as hoover,while griggs is under marine park police jurisdiction.
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    The same people that patrol Hoover patrol Griggs and Oshay. FYI. For phone numbers of the ranger's cell phones, call 645-1721. I don't have their Nextel numbers on me. They take their jobs very seriously, and will see to it that a problem is handled.
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    The ones patrolling Griggs are Columbus Police. They DO NOT patrol O'Shaugnessy, Columbus police have no authority at O'Shaugnessy. The Delaware Sheriff's office is the policing authority there. It is not the same people. The water patrol ( Rangers) are at Hoover and O'Shaugnessy, but they have no arresting powers. Only the Cols. Police at Griggs and the Delaware Sheriff has that power. The rangers can write tickets but that is all they can do. Not sure where you get your info but it's not correct. Call Columbus Police or Delaware and they will tell you just what I posted here.
    AS I posted earlier, call the Delaware Sheriff's dept. and let them help you.
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    i assume a ticket would probably get their attention,and i doubt the police would do any more than that anyway,for such an offense.and you could probably get quicker on the water response from the rangers.