ski boat incident on Griggs

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  1. With all the negative hype lately about how horrible the skiers are on our rivers i wanted to thank a couple of them. I Was out on Griggs tonight and my motor died about a mile or so from the ramp and it would not start once it died. Luckily a couple of really nice skiers came to the rescue and towed me back to the ramp. I dunno if they are members of this site or not but if they are I just wanted to thank them again, they do not know how much it really helped. Also just remember that there are always going to be a few bad eggs in all aspects of life and with all the negative talk about skiers, I wanted to give these two gentlemen the credit they deserve.
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    Kudos to them. Glad you got in safely. Any good fishing going on over at Griggs?

    I'd be willing to bet they weren't in a water skiing tournament!!!:p :p :p :eek: :eek: :eek:

  3. Also glad to hear you made it in safely. Hopefully your boat problem isn't something to serious. Your correct there are few bad eggs in every bunch. It's just a shame that people need to lump the rest in that bunch. Better to judge people individually then lump them all together. Just my 2 cents.
  4. and that is very true my friend, along with the skiers this goes also for fisherman as well. we cant say its the skiers leaving all the trash on the banks of our beautiful waters or keeping all the small fish we are hoping to grow bigger. or some angry person yelling obscenities because he thinks he owns your favorite fishing hole because he is in a big money tournament and your in your jonboat slaying fish sure that has happened to someone but not me lol