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  1. Question on skein, when you remove skein from a fish and cut into pieces and freeze it what is the best way to use it for bait, just hooking it or tying it into sacks. I've never done it before but i dried it out and let it sit in borax for a while then froze it in a container with borax. Is this the right way or a simple way.
  2. I always use mine fresh - no cure or borax. Most of the time, I tie into sacks. Often, I will do so streamside after seeing the water conditions. I carry a variety of colors from the standard ones (yellow, red, pink) to dark blue or white. I use magic thread for tying. When doing this streamside, make sure you pick up the scraps (same with material from used/discarded bags).

    When very low/clear water, I will sometimes fish an egg or two on a small hook without a bag.