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  1. well another great day on mosquito , my favorite lake . did good . lakeside bait opens at 7am . nice count on minnies , causeway opens at 6am . the ramp at the causeway is NOT useable .water is to low . p/s only one other trailer in the parking lot. if you wanna catch eyes you gotta get your line wet .
  2. triton175

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    Thanks for the report Bountyhunter. I'll be at the causeway shop at 6am, then on the water. Say hi if you see me, Gray Triton crappie boat, 40 Yamaha.

  3. i was there last week for 3 hrs drifting minnies not even a hit. what side were u fishing on and how deep?
  4. chaunc

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    Southside. White crane area. Jig and minnow or bladebait. Now go get em.:G
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    What'ya catch....size? Any day on the lake is a good day in my opinion!
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    not to hijack this thread ,but ya seein any ducks out around the lake?
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    nothing casting the dam. i did hear ducks.
  8. heard a couple shots in the crane area ,early ,
  9. triton175

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    Saw a lot of ducks and geese early (6:30 to 8:00 or so Sat. morn) lots of shooting too. Caught a lot of fish - eyes, crappie, perch, gills - nothing very big, all C&R. Thanks for the tips bountyhunter.
  10. TMK


    The vertical jigging of blades or jigs & minnows works best this time of year.

    A couple of guys that I used to work with started their fall fishing right after we set our clocks back and caught Walleye up until the lake started to freeze.

    They liked the 305 rd bed, white crane area, sunken bridge by the cemetary and along drop offs by the creek channel.

    Mostly used vibees and silver buddies.

    If I ever manage to get that buck that I've seen three times now, I'll get out and do some fishing!

    EZ -Try the dam area again in the spring. Right after ice off until mid April. Size 11 floating rapalas.
  11. went out today did well on the crappies will report later.
  12. I do well in spring just off those areas and into summer trolling. Lake was real low the last I was up there and stained. Still the same peple of the perch? Waders should be out by now. I wont start pulling boards till they leave. Got a HUGE flatty and a nice pike trollin open COLD waters last fall off boards but the lake was full and clear. Wonder what ice fishing is going to be?
  13. the water is still low. we had to launch from the state park on the south side. there are definatly a lot os places to wade. i was still out around 200 ft and still in 3 ft of water.