Skeeter Sat Morning

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  1. Started out off 305 with 2in of clear ice. Still abit spotty but by next weekend she might be ready! Went to the North end and looks like the grounds still keeping the edges thaw. Alot of wet stuff on top but still pushing 3in. Headed back across 88 too Linda's and almost hit this girl!

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    Great Report There Jig ! I hope next week ? I am ready to do some ice fishing NOW !!
  3. No prob Man! The deer was something to see on the ice. It walked under the bridge and ended up back on 88. I jumped it over the bank and back onto the ice it headed. Must been 12 people watching me and the deer. Kinda CRAZY! It could hardly walk!:p
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    thanks for the report. I was just quoting your remark about having time to "hang some stockings with care" just yesterday. Hadn't seen you on here for a few weeks, glad to hear from you.. Those pictures of the doe are amazing.
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    i was on skeeter yesterday the south side has about 6'' good ice on it from the boat dock to just about the bridge. north side has 9'' of pac ice with floating ice under it... going out this weekend witha few other ogf members....

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