Skeeter Petered out?

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  1. Fishing the north end of Skeeter today 2/9/18 from 6 a.m. To around 5 p.m. Water appeared to be very Staind and murky. As I used the Navionics map to try and locate at least 10 foot or more of water. There was about four inches of fresh powdered snow on top of the ice, as everyone knows it is very difficult to pull a shanty over that type of terrain!!! Walking out in the dark I drilled a hole about every 30 or 40 yds shot it with my Vex and jigged each hole for a few minutes Just to get an idea of what I was dealing with. Although I could not find any water deeper than 9 to 10 feet before I could not walk any further, due to only getting a half a step with each full step, which was which was about 200 yards away from the back left side of the Big Island. Fished raps,spoons , vibees, cicadas, Etc. Also put three tip-ups out with large Chubs on them. Only caught three or four perch throughout the day and 2 larger crappies. Had a lot of fish follow, but when they did Bite it was either crappie or perch . Is the water always this dirty on the North End as it looks like coffee? Talk to a few guys that were out with much of the same results. By the way it took over an hour for me just to get back to my truck due to the wind blowing the snow back into the oaths that were madearound, it was a very miserable walk! I guess I should have just went off the cemetery or the stump fields instead. Does anyone know what's going on I thought people were picking up a few eyes here and there on the North End???
  2. I know there is a hole on the n end of the isle between the isle and pike bay that used to pay off . but yesterday was an off day , seeing reports of others struggling all over, so next time out will be better... right?

  3. I sure hope so considering the last couple trips have not been very productive.
    I think I'm going to try the south end old stumpfield my dad and I used to fish when I was a kid I'm pretty sure it's just south of the cemetery and if I remember right we fished in about 14 fow. And the spot that you mentioned must be a decent spot because someone else had told me that that is a good spot as well in a reply. I've been using my Navionics lake maps and learning a lot about the Contours and underwater structures and stuff, I wish I would have had that app a long time ago. Thank you for your reply and good luck fishing!
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  4. Some days are better than others.
  5. 4 Trips to Skeeter this season has yielded nearly an empty bucket and No Walleye for me too. I fished different areas each time and haven't found biters yet...only lookers that false charge and simply look. The only consistent, aggressive bite has been the dink perch.
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    the water will be dirty due to the snow melt runoff into the creeks running into the northend.
  7. jon your season is running along with mine fishing has been tough, I just don't get it with the fair ice we have had. maybe I just forgot since the last couple years being crummy.