Skeeter open?

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  1. You can use the Point View ramp at Miton. Looks like the concrette runs past the dock. No ice on the southend nor the dam. Berlin went down a foot from last night! Its down 6-8 feet. Whats Skeeter look like? Boatable?
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  3. wensday it had ice all the way across but real thin. at the ramp you could break thru easy . took my 9.9 in for a new pump and tune up . ran good but it earned a check over . took it to VIC:S marine .never dealt there .they seem to be nice people . so I"M off the water till it comes back. . water was high but clear.
  4. ANY updates on what Mosquito looks like??
  5. the marina is froze but didnt look too thick most of the lake was open, but bring a shovel if you want to launch a boat
  6. All most worth having a 12 aluminum boat without a trailer. Just slide it in anywhere.:D
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    Got one! Just say when......:p
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    You're right about having a twelve foot boat that you can slide in anywhere Jig. My buddy and I used to throw his in the bed of his truck take it to Berling late in the Fall out it in the water and row out and jig for Walleyes. We did good. The weather anymore is so unpredictable you never know when it will freeze or not !
    I see today that Lake Milton is down 8 feet. That was the goal to have it down 8 feet by January 1st. Now if they can keep it there and if Winter ever arrives we can do some ice fishing out there.
  9. Sounds good too me! Im for their or WB. After trollin both for so long I got to know the bottoms well let alone see why some ice fish were they did on WB last year.;) Never ice fished Milton but plan on fall fishing it more next year if I can get out on it. I know the DNR has alot of work cut out for them but a long ramp out there would be TOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!I was half tempted to move the rubble off the Rt.18 ramp.:D
  10. How has the ice fishing on Milton been in the past. Haven't made my way out there in the winter. Is there fishable ice out there yet?