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skeeter eyes

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tower44, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Went out Thursday night after work, got there at 1230am, we fished till 630 Friday morning, we boated 13 walleye and lost 6 more at the boat, all eyes were 16"-19", 3 were in 5fow and the rest were 3fow.

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  2. Great job, Thanks for the report
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  3. Thanks for the report. It's nice to see that some are being caught. No luck on Berlin or Milton for me.
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  4. Doboy

    Doboy HeWhoDiesWithTheMostToysWins

    Yep,,, THANKS for the report, & PICS!
    One of these days/ nights,,, I'm gonna do that!

    FYI,,, 2 of my friends fished there yesterday afternoon. Started at 88 & worked South. Mostly Drifting & dropping the anchor about a dozen times searching for eyes & crappies. NOTHING going there.
    Then they hit the right cove & CATCHING was non-stop. PERCH,,, Erie size perch. They caught so many that they were throwing back everything under 9"! ALMOST caught a 2-man limit of 9"-12" before dark!
    SORRY for getting off topic, but I had to get this out there! "Erie size perch". At Mosquito!!!!

  5. The perch are huge in there for sure. I wish I could find that cove. They are jumbos. As far as walleye. I couldn't find them yesterday either. At least not during the day.
  6. Perch and(inland) lakes are a wierd mix. Presentation is the biggest variable. How were they catching them? I'm always looking for new things to try. My usual is medium sized jigs tipped w/ piece of crawler, have caught eyes, craps, bigger gills, and the occasional perch. Any info appreciated!
  7. Doboy

    Doboy HeWhoDiesWithTheMostToysWins

    Crusher, CJ,,,,
    Here's the kicker,,,,,, Friend Matt called me Yesterday Eve.
    He finally met his neighbor, also a boat fisherman. They got to BS'n & the neighbor said that he just got back from Skeeter. This guy launched at the State, & went NW up the lake,,,,,, drifting & trolling back down. He caught 2 small eyes & ONE crappie.
    He paused,,,,,, & then told Matt that the 'weirdest thing happened',,,,, lol,,, Matt interrupted & said "What, Don't tell me you found the perch"!?
    Well, you guys can guess the rest of the story, specially when it's the exact dup of what I said in the post!
    SAME EXACT STORY,,, & he caught his limit too,,, Erie size perch!
    Now figure the odds on that!

    Ya CJ,,,,,,, MY friends were using very small jigs & a fathead. SLOW dragging,,,,, just the same way we do it down below NC Dam. 2"-6" bump & pause. I usually use a sabiki rig or my small 'inline' floaters & a slip sinker.

    SO,,,,,, I had to call MY friend Bob & tell him Matt's story.
    Bob added that every perch that he cleaned had a belly full of baby bluegills! 1/2"-1". Last years hatch.
    You guys know where those gills go to nest.? Well they're not quite there yet.
    Try 2'-3' deeper farther out. ;)

    AND, you know those night-time walleyes that everyone is catching?
    Guess where they are going! :rolleyes: lmbo,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I had 'Stuff' to do Yesterday,,,,,, more 'Stuff' today,,,, wish I could find the time to go fish. :(
  8. Thanks for the info doboy! Hopefully you can find the time to get out soon. Tight lines