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  1. maiden voyage for us on our new to us boat,Thompson 240 HT,caught 2 eyes,both 17'' speed trolling-3.5mph shad rap # 5 with a 1 ounce snapweight about 20' from the lure.Only fished for about 2 hrs mostly just shaken down the boat.We caught them in about 15'fow south end.They are not jumping in the boat but I think you could get a respectable catch if you stayed at it a while.Great boat,gonna love it on erie..Heres dad at the dock...oy yeah used boards,and we let out about 65' of line past the weight..

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    Sent ya a pm

  3. nice boat!!!!!that'll definitely be fun on erie!!!!!!!!!11looks nice and safe
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    Rik--you could drag plastic for 3 days on that hot tub of a lake and not get a respectable catch