skeeter crappies

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  1. hi all,anyone have any reports on the night fishing off the causeway at night?was up there on 5-23,didnt do too good,got 2 slabs and three others,are they deep now?sure is a blast catching those slabs,the wife caught a nice 12 incer,thought she was going ta pee herself!!!any reports would be greaty appricated,we travel bout 60 miles ta get there,may the bite be with u all!!!
  2. me again,no one with any reports off the causeway at night@skeeter,any help would be greatly thankful,travel 60 miles,anything being caufgt?thx

  3. Haven't been up to skeeter in about a month, going to try and get up there Monday evening and maybe stay the night out there. If I do, I will be sure to report anything I get.
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    No the crappies arent deep yet. We drifted up by the bouys today and did pretty good using microspoons in that heavy chop. Didn't see anyone else catch a fish but we got 15 crappies 2 perch and 1 walleye. Green was the best producer tipped with a medium minnow. Got a few on gold hook and minnow too.
  5. Around 4:00 p.m. yesterday I was at the far east buoy and drifted back...
    We ended up with 12 crappie, near dark-I got a nice 20in eye casting
    a rapala in 4-5FOW. We covered alot of water- should of caught more- water was stained a bit more then normal.
  6. Was out from 7:00-noon. Drifting north end til wind finally won. Caught 14 crappie, half over 12". Drift sock only slowed us down to .8-1.0 mph. Caught 37 crappies Memorial Day in the morning. Found one spot we went over a dozen times, catching most of the fish within 50 yards of waypoint.
  7. Will be at causeway tonight from 5:30 or 6p.m. till after dark, will let you know if I get anything.
  8. Well, went up to skeeter Monday evening from around 6p.m. to 10p.m. No action from 6 till 8:30. from 8:30 - 9 I got 3 small crappies then it started to turn on for me. 9-10 I got around 2 dozen crappies, most were around 8-9 inches and a few were in the 10-12 inch range. Threw all back, and I was fishing on the North side of the causeway, but park on the south side. Surprisingly they didn't really want the minnows. I caught most on Wax Worms, with a white hair jig fishing about 3-4 ft with bobber.