Skeeter 7/2

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by JFeeds, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. JFeeds

    JFeeds too close for missiles...

    my buddy and i went to the causeway around 530pm. started out using a bobber with a minnow about 4' deep. no luck. we switched to crawlers at the same depth and came into em!

    my buddy brought in a 21" channel, about 3 good size gills, and a tiny walleye

    i caught a 19" channel, a couple gills and a crappie

    i actually caught my cat on a jig-tipped minnow. shoulda had 2, but i'm a genius and switched to the pole with no drag and it shook the hook loose:mad:

    all in all, a great night!!!! if i can remember tomorrow, i'll snap a picture before we clean em.
  2. Nice, it seems like when i was out on skeeter last time nothing would bite minnows but as soon as i put the crawler on they were drilling the hook! im kind of curious about why that is? i fish up here on the BIG POND and nothing will bite a crawler. its always the minnow that does the best. But nice job JFeeds and i hope to get out on skeeter sometime soon!