skeeter 6-13-08...weedbed fishing question.

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Rik, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. managed 5 keepers yesterday,leadcore on boards of course...released a bunch of small eyes,under 15''...I did have to move a little closer to the weed beds though...tougher for me,constantly picking up weeds.How has the shallow weed bite been?I am mostly a troller but really want to learn to consistently get em out of the weeds..what are the best methods for pulling fish out of there?I have tried drifting live bait and jigs with some sucess but have not really come up with a good program for the weeds.I have a 19' thompson I/0,with a closed bow so I know not the best option for the shallw stuff but sometimes the weeds are definately the place to be..gonna hit it again monday....
  2. As odd as it sounds I've done really well with a 1/4 oz lead head tipped with a minnow. I cast out into the weeds and bounce it back to me. You want to aim for the open pockets but there is no way to avoid the weeds. I'm not sure what type of weed is out there but for some reason you rarely get any hung up on your hook. Most fish come on the drop! so the snags not always a snag :)

  3. do you drift and cast ahead of the drift (downwind)or anchor?I was even thinking of trying a small spinnerbait with no skirt and tipping w a crawler or minnow,maybe even tip w one of those soft plastics like sassy shad.
  4. I drift or use the trolling motor