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  1. well went out today in the puring rain and it was worth it to me we got on the water at 7:00 and got off at 1:00 and caught 8 walleyes biggest being 16 1/2 the rest wer 14-15 inchs 3 big crappy 11-12inchs and a 20 inch channel will post pic soon dont feel like it right now though most fish were caught drifting ether a jig twister tiped with a worm or plain hook and minnie had to use a lot of weight to git to the bottom most fish were in the 7-9ft of water caught one fish trolling it was a eye but fun day i caught 4 eyes 1 crappy and the cat my dad caught 2 crappys and 4 eyes as well fun day as well as a wet one
  2. Good to here! The family went for a road trip last night down to the Cortland area. (Gander mountian). I took the long way that took me across the rt 88 causeway. I only saw 5 boats but that was around 6 pm after some heavy rain had just passed thru. The water looked to be in good shape. I love that lake. Those walleyes should be really ready to fire up!

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    thats some of the fish they look a little smaller than they are but w/e
  4. went to skeeter sunday. My uncle and I got there around 10:30. Work sum of the bays for sum crappies not a bite. Then we tried drifting the stumps. I had a couple bites. Caught a 15" flathead. Dragging a worm on the bottom. After a couple drifts he wanted to try the shore line again for crappies or bass. Still not bite. Went back and drifted towards the causeway. Picked up 2 small walleys, nothing to keep. Was anyone else out sunday????
  5. come on, throw those little walleye back in.... another reason that mosquito needs a 15" limit on it. how's that lake ever gonna produce when people keep 10-12" walleye?
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    wish i had gotten out's none of my business and i'm not the one who tells people which fish that they can and cannot keep, so that's all i'll say.
  7. I agree with a 15" limit but as for now there is none. They didnt do anything illegal and they can keep what they want. Thanks for the post Wish It Was You.

  8. The lake does produce. It produces small walleyes. It produces small walleyes because they stock too many of them (around 10 million a year), and there is not enough forage in the lake to support that many fish for them to grow a decent size (even with a 30% mortality rate).

    If people didn't keep the fish they caught, the DNR would need a shoe horn to stock it next year.
  9. i know but i do agree with a 15 inch limit needs to be put on the lake but thoose are some good eating eyes i keep so w/e i didnt break the law but still w/e
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    I agree with Het! Limits on Mosquito will only stunt the growth rate so no fish will ever grow to 15''s. So people keep 12" fish, so what, they're stocked fish, no laws broken, next year state stocks more. Not everyone has access to Erie, so those who don't can get a walleye dinner from skeeter. And those little guys do taste really good back at the campsite!
  11. come on, throw those little walleye back in.... another reason that mosquito needs a 15" limit on it. how's that lake ever gonna produce when people keep 10-12" walleye?
    I never said I kept them. Even a 15" walleye is barely worth keeping. I'm used to the erie walleye. 15" is still just a baby.
  12. I agree, even though it is legal to take the small ones, throw them back. Besides, there isn't too much meat on those dang hammerhandles anyways. But at least you were able to get out and enjoy yourself and catch some fish. That's what really matters.
  13. have you ever seen what the state stocks? fingerlings? about the size of a minnow (maybe). i know it takes 3-5 years for a walleye to reach 12-15" and be able to spaun under great conditions. all i'm saying is that, the state needs to think about a size limit on walleye. explain, why does berlin and milton have size limits? the fishing is more controlled and managed, producing better size fish.
  14. i dont care what any one says if you know what your doing u can go there wading or on a boat and catch 15 to 24 inch walleye. and the ice fishing is even better just cause you caught some cigars dosent meen there arent alot of 3 to 6 pound eyes in skeeter. try differnt aproachs just cause something worked last time or in even the last hour mix it up the big ones are in there.