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  1. Getting sick of winter:mad: Winter always leaves me time to reflect back on years past and the good catches and the ones that got away. But, every time I'm out hunting for a nice Smallie I look back at this one in paticular because it is my personal best.

    The only problem is when I was fortunate enough to catch this one I had no way to weigh it or to measure. I was wondering what anyone's best guess is to how much this sallmouth might have weighed or a least how long anyone might think it would have measured? :confused:

    Caught this beauty in the Stillwater River!

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  2. i would guess about 18-19 inches 3-4lbs

    that was at aullwood yes? i fish there all the time. great catch.

  3. That's right not to bad a place to fish . . . but it sure gets pounded lots of fishing preasure!
  4. yea i would say 17 inches. its hard to tell in the picture but no matter what it measured it is a nice fish. i would also guess 3 pounds mabey more.
  5. river smallies are light, I would say around 18in and about 2.25-2.5lbs a terrific fish for southern ohio, I would love to have a shot at one of those beauties right now
  6. sady dog

    sady dog sady dog

    i don't know...i think it is closer to 20 inches but river smallies don't get fat so it would still only weigh about 3 lbs?? but man they are all muscle...

    still nice fish
  7. Birddog37

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    I would give that on 19 or 20. Either way its a dandy especially for a river!
  8. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    18-18 1/2" 3.0-3.5lb.
    Hard to say not the best pic. It would be easier if the fish was
    a little more sideways and not at arms length.
  9. LMRsmallmouth

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    Looks about 18" and 2.5-3lbs. Very nice fish. But for the "20 inch is only 3lbs" comment, he must have been catching sick 20" fish. On the LMR, for the most part a 18" should be approaching 3lbs (I have caught an 18" fish that I weighed at 3.5 and a 20" is typically a 4lb fish. 22 is approx 5lbs and bigger than that you are the MAN!
  10. nice smallmouth.a little upstream there is a good smallmouth hole too
  11. fishymcgoo

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    that is for sure a nice fish. i would say at least 17'+. doesnt look like a ton of weight though maybe 2-2.5? hard to tell by the pic though. my heavier smallies i have caught have been short in length and shaped like a big football. if that fish was released imagine how big it will be in a couple years!
  12. Rest assured that sweet little rod bending smallie was released right after I took that photo. That was about 3 yrs ago . . . I'm sure it's well past the 20" mark by now. Would love to pull that same one in this spring!

    Thanks for all the opinions . . . I always thought in my mind it was a 20" incher but I knew that might be stretching it an inch or so in my mind. It did have some good length but it was pretty lean, but don't think it's slender size keep it from giving a heck of a fight.
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  13. fishingredhawk

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    Nice fish. I would say a little over 3 lbs, probably 18-20 inches.
  14. That would be quite a smallie.... 17 feet is probably a world record.... ;) Gotta love a well placed typo.
  15. ncraft150

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    I didn't measure this one that I got out of Springfield Lake in Akron last summer, but it weighed 3# 2oz on a very accurate scale that we use during tournys. Notice my arm is not exteneded. That being said I'd guess your fish to be 2 to 2.5#

  16. RareVos

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    17" and about 2lbs.
  17. Measure your forearm from point of elbow to tip of middle finger, my forearm/hand extended is 17.5".
    Good way to guesstimate w/out a tape.
  18. Im guessing 18" or 19". Shes pretty skinny but she looks long.
  19. Mr. Smallie

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    In the future, why not lay the fish against your fishing rod and measuring the rod later?
  20. crittergitter

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    Ditto that.