Sirloin tip roast on smoker

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  1. found a good deal on sirloin tip roast at local Grocery. I "dry" brined it by rubbing some kosher salt on it then wrapping in plastic wrap for 18 hrs. Patted dry and rubbed with a little canola oil and added some fresh ground pepper and some granulated garlic. Seared or browned in a little more oil in hot skillet then on to the smoker with just a little hickory for flavor. Smoked at between 220 and 250. Took longer then i thought. I pulled it at an internal temp of 130 and let it rest for 15 mins. Son and I loved the "doneness" and flavor. The "women" nuked there slices in microwave to get them a little more done but liked the flavor as well. Hard to get beef back to medium rare once it's well done! I'd rather pull when it's tad on rare side and let those that like it more done, cook it some more on their own. Overall, it's a keeper!

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  2. firehawkmph

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    I am getting hungry,
    and its too cold for my smoker. Damn,
    Mike Hawkins

  3. That looks great!
    And smoking is like fishing, its never too cold!;) I did an 8lb pork shoulder last weekend overnight, got down in the teens! Took about 11 hours and turned out GREAT!!
  4. It looks great and sounds great. I like mine rare as well but I don't believe I would refer to that as a "tad on the rare side". :D That definitely qualifies as rare. It makes me wish I had a smoker.
  5. Get one, you wont be sorry!
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    But you will be hooked!!!!
  7. Looks great! I should not visit these pages prior to lunch!!

    I agree with twistertail, never too cold to smoke!
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    Holy moly that looks good.
  9. I think you ment Holy SMOKES! ;) :p
  10. bkr, really if you are looking now is the time to get one. I've seen a few verticle gas smokers at Wal Mart and Meijers on sale for about $100. They are so easy to use and put out GREAT Q!!
  11. If I don't want to be sleeping on the couch for the next month I better just hold off on any additional spending for now.:D I have already gotten a lot of questions lately that I have had a hard time convincing her as why I bought it.:p
  12. thats what i cooked this on and most of my BBQ. works great. i do have a weber WSM charcoal smoker at lake but this one is easier and requires less attention during the cook.
  13. I smoked 48 chicken wings, 2 full slabs of ribs and a 8 lb. pork but on sunday..OMG what a meal!!!!!!
  14. WOW! & U did'nt invite me?

    If its below 20deg. I dont smoke. Not worth it to me & my thin walled smoker just has to much room for error. To much fluctuation in trying to maintain a constant temp control to my liking.
  15. Get yourself a water heater blanket.........

  16. Wrapping & un-wrapping, checking the fire pan, adding chips, wood & whatever does not seem to be worth the trouble?

    But I'm looking to make my own custom smoker from a ole fridge/freezer, enamel insides & insulated, about 1/2 the size of your standard fridge. Found a great deal in Missori this past Fall, but the owner had sold it at his yard sale just 2 hours prior to me pulling in.
    I'll keep looking,

  17. Most verticle gas smokers will produce enough heat that you shouldnt need to insulate it. I did a butt 2 weeks ago and it got down to 12 overnight and I had my temp dial just past the medium mark to keep it at 230-240. I did a deer roast at work last week when it was about 30 and after it was done I cranked it on high just to see what I could get, got up to 360. I also had a bigger wood pan made for mine so I load it up once with wood and it good for the whole and I only have to open the door a few times to mop/spray.