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Sippo & Petros Lakes

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FlashMan2702, May 22, 2007.

  1. Anyone from Stark County here fish at Sippo and/or Petros Lakes often?? I frequent Sippo often just because its so close but always get so frustrated at my lack of success there... and Petros for that matter. So does anyone have any suggestions for anything(preferably not Blue Gill though) at either place.

    I've even rented a boat at Sippo a few times this year and caught nothing... except yesterday my buddy had a small bass spit one back out at him.

    I know Sippo is a good Carp lake... and I've caught a few there last uear, but just haven't had any success yet this year at anything.

    I haven't yet got to night fish at Sippo this year, which is about the only thing I half ways decent at last year with Cats.
  2. i havent gotten to sippo yet this yr but have had decent luck on chicken liver with the cats there both durning the day and at nite.

  3. i fish sippo every time i just have a little time to work with. cats love chicken liver, but the BIG cats love cut bluegill. about 1 inch chunks. i fish from the t docks, but as soon as i get the new oh numbers on the new boat i'll be taking it there. also the "keeper" crappie there, would be throwbacks at most other lakes. i've never got one over 12 inches there. i've seen some great bass though, but i think you have to have the boat to access the best spots. let me know if you ever need a partner out there, i'm only 10 minutes away. phate
  4. I have fished sippo a good bit this time of year for bass from a boat it can be personal best is just over 6 lbs from there but lots of small fish.Get in the pads and throw senkos or soft jerk baits.