Sippo Lake, Stark County 6-24-08

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  1. Went to Sippo lake around 6pm on Tuesday. Caught a number of bluegill, 2 very small bass and one cat fish. The cat fish took a top water Rapala near the weeds. The lake had a green cast. There was some type of vegetation floating in the water. Looked like grass clippings suspended below the water. No one from the park seemed to know what it was. They said it appeared about a week ago after a storm.

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  2. I fished there saturday, I live about 2 minutes away. It was like that all over the place, looks like regular alge that is free floating, might be from the storms, not sure. Good job on catching something, were you on a boat? I cant catch squat from shore unless Im using live bait.

  3. Yes, I was on a boat. Most of the fish were caught using a fly tipped with wax worm. I also used a crank bait and trolled. There were a lot of people shore fishing Tuesday night. It was the most people I have seen using the park at one time. My entire catch was made up of runts. I was just happy to spend some time fishing. I fished there at the end of last year and caught mostly blue gill. I remember them being a little larger.
  4. 98% of what I've got there are tons of peanut bluegills, small crappie, mid sized white perch, and an occasional big carp or yellow perch. Sometimes a nice gill will come up.....but not often.

    I'll take my kids there for fast action.....but I get bored constantly unhooking tiny fish.