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Sippo 5-31

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Zanini, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. I fished this lake a few years ago and did very poorly. With the luck I've been having this year I thought that Sunday would be a good day to go back and teach that lake a lesson! (Famous last words right....?)

    I picked up a friend and we had the boat in the water by 4pm. In 10 minutes I had my first fish, an 18 inch beauty. Later in the day I picked up a 19 inch! My friend lives near by and said he wouldn't have believed those bass were in that lake if he hadn't seem them in the boat. We put about 8 bass over 12 in the boat and 4 of those were 15+.

    Got off the lake and dropped my friend off just before the rain started. Washed the boat on the way home for free!

    Great day on the lake.

  2. I fished the lake a couple times and we caught some decent bass around the lilly pads. I guess the lake doenst get much pressure from boats down there. What did you catch them on?

  3. Mind sharing the location of the lake? Never heard of Sippo.
  4. In Perry township between canton and massillon. Right of of Perry drive. Its not a very big lake but covered in lilly pads.
  5. had a similar experience a few years ago. dont bother fishing from shore. if the bass are way up in the pads forget it. if they are on the edge of the pads you can have a great day. try soft jurk baits arond the edge of the pads or texas rigged worms.
  6. Sippo always sucked. Maybe its finally coming around. I know people who live there and they can't believe it either. Going to have to check it out sometime soon.
  7. Black, white, and chartruse buzz baits all drew strikes from deep in the pads. White floating worm got hit in there too. A split shot weighted green lizzard hopping or swimming on the weed edges seemed to do the trick as well.
  8. i pretty much learned how to fish for bass on sippo. this is going back 8 or 9 years. my dad and i always had good luck out there. i havent been there in 5 or 6 years....once they started dredging we couldnt get anything. i plan on getting back out there this summer. i'm assuming you can still launch boats there?
  9. Dingo


    "once they started dredging we couldnt get anything"

    They dredged that lake? I would hate to see how shallow it was before dredging.

    I was there on Sunday afternoon for the first time. Lots of lilly pads for bass to hide. Only caught one bass, but missed quite a few others in the pads (wasn't prepared to fish the slop bait-wise). The whole lake seems pretty shallow, averaging 6-7 feet in the middle with the deepest being a small 12' hole across from the fishing pier. Water temps were in the mid-70s at the surface.

    The only drawbacks that I found is that some folks renting the motor boats (9.9 gas) probably shouldn't have been out there (racing into the shallow south end of the lake without worrying about water depth, obstructions, or other fisherman) and the area around the ramp is limited -- especially when folks park around the pavillion.

    May try it again very early morning or evening/after dark in the pads.
  10. See my post Storm Dodging. This lake has treated me right this year.