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  1. Since I havn't been working, trying to recover more strength, among other things I've been making a lot of sinkers etc to pass the time.

    K-mart has bell sinkers (pack of 3 for $3.19)

    Seen a gas station in lawrenceburg (BP near wormies lake) selling them (3 pack $1.49)

    lead is under a buck a pound at scrap yards beats the hell out of $21 bux for 5 pound packages at bass pro) and varies a little bit on cleanliness. (waste factor)

    if I decided to "sell my surplus" the next time my stepsons part of town holds a neighborhood "garage sale" say perhaps in 1/4-1/2pound ziplock bags, what would you consider a reasonable price ??

    so far i've got various sizes of bell, egg, "river flat sided bell" and split shot (which take a bit more work.) still planning to get the "no snag" teardrop mold so I will have any kind I might possibly want.

    curious if it would be worth it as a part time venture.

    not thinking of becoming a overnight millionaire, just pass a little time and help support my fishing/smoking habbit

    tight lines :) Bubba
  2. Tell you what - if you can figure out how to make these, I'd be buying as many as you could put out!!


  3. looks like some kinda worm sinker modified with a spring and some kinda plastic/nylon tube for the line to feed through. Cant tell size in the picture with nothing to compare it to. looks like a challenge to me :)
  4. Yeah - it's a bullet sinker for texas rigging's all I use, no need to peg your sinkers anymore!

    I have been buying the unpainted ones - then using my wife's old nail polish to paint all sorts of different colors......that was my hobby last winter!!
  5. If you could find a way to make up some trolling sikers similar to the bps xps weights I am sure you could sell them by the 100's if the price is good.
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  7. I would think if you sell them at 1/2 the price that Cabelas or Bass Pro charge, people would flock to you and you would still make a good profit.
  8. Good luck on selling the sinkers at a Garage Sale, if you can get 1-2 bucks a bag you may sell a bag or two. Find a store near a lake or river and put them in on consignment and you may do better, but if that is all you have, times could be tough. I used to make jigs for the Maumee river walleye run but it has changed over to floaters not lead. You can make a deal with someone up there for sinkers that are still used. but not much profit left in that game.
  9. I sold mine at garage sales about 3 times a year.I sold Jigs $4 a pound. 1/4 oz up. sinkers and egg sinkers $2 a pound sinkers with #7 swivels on each end $5 a pound.probably sold 300 lbs a year.we get a lot of fishermen here .did not do it to make a lot of money but to break up the boredom in the winter.I doubt if it would be very profitable unless you get free lead as I do

  10. I found some metal clips that go over the weight and attach to the offset on a worm hook for a set up when I don't want my bullet weight to move. The one you show would work too but it looks like it would chew up the bait after a few tosses??