Since we are talking about smoking?

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  1. I am in the process of quitting, and must say, this is the hardest thing I have ever done. 3 years ago I was told I have type 2 Diabetes (I was extremely over weight). Doc told me to get my sugar and weight under control then work on the smoking. I lost around a 100 lbs and i am now working on the smoking. I think the smoking is harder than the weight. Any support would be appreciated. Oh, by the way, for you other T2 out their, my A1C last time was 5.3 and i haven't had a A1C over 5.8 since diagnosed.
  2. your A1C is pretty good have you tired chantex yet

  3. yea. I got really messed up in the head. It worked until I got off of it. The Doc forgot to Wean me off of it, So I had some pretty good withdrawel from it as well. By the way, I am on no meds for the diabetes.
  4. I'd give a kidney and liver to have an A1C of that. My last one was 7.3. I'm getting there though. Started out last May at 12.9. :eek: Oh yeah and I'm 25. :( I'm not sure about the quitting smoking. Never started so I never had to stop. Losing 100 pounds is no small feat. I'm sure you can give up the smokes too.
  5. How timely that you bring this up. I died Sunday, May 25 at 1:45 Pm at a little boat ramp not far from my house. CPR didn't bring me back, but a first responder with portable defibrilators did. Send me on a helicopter ride, shove in a stent, clean out my system, send me home, and ,,, "By the way," says the cardiologist. "This is your wake up call. Quit now." Stupid me had to finish off the pack I had open when I got home, but trying to smoke was devastating on my breathing. I got the Chantix prescription filled, and I'm on day five with no smokes. Do I crave one? You betcha. After thirty five years it's not going away easy. I'm totally out of my routines - home with nothing I can do since the heart attack, irregular sleeping patterns, and a craving that's going to be filled by either just a "puff", or opening the refrigerator door to see what I can consume next. I may put on some pounds in the process, but I don't have much of a choice - quit, or die?
    What's YOUR choice?
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    I never started.

    edit: not a knock on smokers. I may not participate in your habit, but I would defend your right to do it.
  7. I am on month 6 and 4 days....It still a struggle at times when I see people I use to smoke with just got to say "I'm not going to smoke". That's it...
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    Congrats to all you who have quit, stick with it and good luck.
    I've been smoking for 33+ years so far and I'm sure I'd feel better if I stopped. I think about quitting sometimes, But then I remember how much I enjoy it and Light up. I'm sure I'll regret it someday.
    Mike, I hope you can stay away from them, (doctor's orders)
    Sorry I don't have any advise to help. If I did, I'd be rich :)
  9. losing all that weight is amazing! great job on that and keep it going.

    I can't believe I use to complain about cutting 15 pounds for competitions.. 100 lbs is a tough task.

    If you can lose that, stopping smoking shouldn't be that hard. Just take it one minute at a time. Don't look at the big picture ect.