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  1. When we first planned the trip, I was afraid we'd be going during the peak of the Ohio ice season, but with this junk weather I'm really glad we're going.

    I got two days off of work and we'll be fishing for 4 evenings and three days. I can't wait to get into some perch and walleye. I'll try to post pics for you guys. Wish me luck, I'm pumped.
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    good luck. post some pics when you get back.

  3. Who are you fishing with? Are you going with a guide, an operator, or just going up with your own gear.

    I would call up there first and make sure you can get on the ice. They are having the same weather we are having.

    A buddy guides at Simcoe and he has been moving his trips to Nippissing. They have been doing well with perch, walleye, herring, and pike.

    You won't catch many walleyes in Simcoe. They are there, but not in the numbers you are looking for.

    Call ahead or check some of the Simcoe websites. It's a long drive to sit n the motel watching hockey.

  4. Last week there will holding at 10-11" so I don't foresee any problems. We have our own equipment, including ATV's. The owner of the place we stay at sort of acts like a guide, but not really. He just basically gives us the general area he'll thinks will produce, but usually we go our own way.

    We don't get many walleye, but usually between the 6 of us we'll hit 6-8 over the course of the long weekend. As for the hotel hockey, I love it, grew up playing.:D
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    I'm not trying to rain on your parade. 4 years ago at Presque Isle I fished 12 inches of ice on a Monday, it was completely gone(open bay) by Wedsesday.I would call first just to be sure.The lakes most likely will have ice, but getting on them with your ATV's might be a different story.Be Careful and Be Safe................Mark
  6. I'm jealous. This 3 inches of here has pretty much ruined the season!!!
  7. Day time highs have been in the low 30's with it reaching low 20's at night. The extended forecast shows highs in the low 20's this entire week and Sunday's a high of 8. I think we'll be fine, but I do appreciate the concern guys.

    I wear a Bouy O' Boy floater suit, wear safety spikes 100% of the time I'm out there on anything under 12" and we're all experienced. I won't take risks for a few perch. I'll post the pics, we'll be fine.
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    When are you leaving? I am headed to Nipissing at 4 a.m. tomorrow.
  9. Good Luck! We had a blast there last year.
  10. Post how you did we are going the 14th
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    The fishing on Nip was pretty slow. No one was catching much of anything. We ended up with a few eater 'eyes and a whole mess of small perch. And two mudpuppies. I told my wife "Watch out! They bite!" :D She was less than amused. I got a couple fish on Pimples, one on a jig, and a couple on tip-ups. Bring some glow baits. The water was off-colored. Where do you go on Nipissing? We fish South Bay.