Silver lake?

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  1. Im not too familiar with the akron area because i am only here for college. But i was wondering what would be a close good pond to fish at after class. I was looking at some maps and found a Silver Lake. Has anyone tried there? Let me know if its any good. Im mainly looking for good bass spots. Let me know if there are any near. Thank you
  2. It has a good population of crappie and bass in it, but it is off limits unless you live in Silver Lake Village.

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    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Hetfieldinn......called that one right......Silver Lake (is private).....But come south on route44 and you will hit LaDue Res.......and it is a good bass lake...One Stop Bait Shop is on corner of road at main entrance to lake.. Talk to Jimmy (he's the owner and a big bass chaser) he'll give you a tip or two... Good luck and fishin..........Jon Sr.
  4. dpc10, try the Cuyahoga river , lots of Smallmouth bass , do a search on this site and you will find all kinds of good info.
  5. theres nice fish in there, just everyone is snooty about fishing their "sacred private lake". fish it anyway HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
  6. Or family members that live there. My Grandparents and Uncle live there. You can also rent out boats if you have relatives there. Silver lake has some nice crappies. That lake gets deep. Last year i caught a 5' bluey and threw him on my bigger rod and had something huge on... Big cat or a pike... but it snapped off my 20lb line
  7. Hey dpc There is a park caled siver creek . It is a great little lake . I bass fish it and there are some hawgs in there. use a chrome and blue 1/4oz rattle trap or a weightless rubber worm .