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Silver creek

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by shake n bake, May 6, 2004.

  1. Last year there were signs posted at Silver Creek Metro park stating minnows could not be used for bait. Does anyone know if this is still in effect? The ODNR page said largemouth bass were being caught there using minnows. Thanks,
  2. Kindlebeard

    Kindlebeard OGF Birchbass Champ!!!

    I got the Metro park rules and they forbid the use of minnows in all of the parks. Silver Creek, Kendall, Goodyear, and even the Gorge. The Gorge one shocked me. I had been using minnows there for years, and even had rangers talk to me while I was using them. I guess it is an enforcement issue.

  3. I'd follow the MetroPark rules, but drop ODNR a note telling them to fix the info in their report. I'd hate to see anyone get a ticket because of faulty information.

  4. bassn317

    bassn317 Casual Fisherman

    It is still posted, I showed a fellow the No Minnows sign on Saturday. That one sign is the only sign in the park. The Metro Rangers do patrol very regularly and a lot of the locals won't hesitate to turn you in.
  5. Thanks for the replies.
    I know it was only posted by the dock side. I was fishing on the other side last year with my Dad, with minnows and some guy told me if the rangers see me I would get a large fine. We went to the other side, read the sign, then left. It would be nice if they were going to enforce this, that it be posted on both sides of the lake.
    Good luck to all !!!!! :D