Silver Creek Trout

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bassman789, May 10, 2008.

  1. Are the trout at silver creek still biting? What baits do they seem to bite on best? I look forward to catching my first trout =)
  2. I talked to a guy on the end of the dock on Tuesday. I didn't see it, but he said that he had caught one. He was fishing on the bottom with green power bait. I was told by the ranger, that they wintered over last year. I guess a few were caught in December, and January

  3. Silver Creek, more like snail creek. Me and my buddy went there a few weeks ago. I caught 5 snails and he caught 8. No trout. they just stocked Jackson park like 2 weeks ago so that might still be a good place to catch some trout. I fished Hinckley allot this year and caught allot of trout. Not sure though if they are still hitting up there though but I'm sure its better then Snail Creek.
  4. You pretty much have to cast at Silver Creek. Every time I throw a rooster tail out there I catch trout and crappie. The snails are a big problem, even when bobber fishing; which makes no sense. Bottom fishing out there is horrid.