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  1. Im curious to find out how to use lures,jigs, and any other techniques beside bobbers and bottom fishin. I just got into fishin because my boys got poles for b-days and when i was youger i went fishin in pond and a creek caught rainbow trout in creek and alot of largemouth and bluegill in the ponds i would like to get some info on good websites to learn lures,jigs and techniques any suggestions
  2. PM mrphish42 he'l have all the answers to all your questions...

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    Are you located in the "Harpersfield" that is in Ashtabula county? If so go down to the dam and strike up conversations with the people coming off the river. There is a real wealth of information there that is freely shared.
  4. This website is a great place to start. For some good "how to" info, be sure to check out the articles at
  5. This site right here dont know where you are fishing but ask questions in the forum that is for your area and you will get answers from very knowledgeable fisherman. Let em know where and what you are wanting to catch its a great time of yr to get started.
  6. Thank you Fish2day and Crappie i found some info about flies used for Smallies and Steelies as i tried the river today and a few bites in the bend just west of the dam in the deeper hole area with flies i didnt know i had