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Silent Tracking System (STS) Alternatives

Discussion in 'Canoes & Kayaks' started by Govbarney, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. So I wanted to put some STS in my fishing yak, but I noticed the prices are crazy for something I should be able to DYI.
    I was thinking is there a alternative out there which can do pretty much the same thing i.e. traction when standing, noise protection, be waterproof, stay on?
    My thoughts where
    1) Spray on bedliner
    2) Some type of tape
    3) Flex seal??
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  2. Don't waste time and money. Just go fish and not worry about it how it looks.
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  3. It’s the off-season , all the water around me is either at flood stage or iced over, so I got nothing better to do right now then improve my fighting position.
  4. sherman51

    sherman51 florida ice fishing

    I'm not just sure what your wanting to do. but have you thought about non skid deck paint for boats? or traction mats? or tape? did a search on amazon for boat traction paint and boat traction mats and they have a few choices you might want to check out. also cabelas has a non skid coating that might work. tuff coat non skid coating is a great choice. do a search for boat non skid coating. back in the day you could get a paint with sand mixed in for painting walkways and food pads on boats but i haven't seen it in awhile.
  5. I got some harmony gear traction pads over the winter and am waiting to put them on until we get some stable weather. About $30 for a couple rectangles of it and it has adhesive on the bottom. I’ve only heard good things about it
  6. You can buy sheets of MARINE MAT or SEADEK cheaper and cut them yourself to size !
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1520352895.226159.jpg
    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1520352936.113000.jpg
  7. Nice , I like it. I tried using flex seal on some small portions and so far like the results. for some larger portions I plan to use to stand Im going to try that safety tread tape
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  8. That safety tread tape. Won’t feel good on your feet if you stand up for awhile
  9. I was thinking of something for traction when I stand, but then I realized that yeah your right , if I go barefoot that could get pretty painful
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    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    Anti fatigue mat that are grey in color. HF has it for 9.99 and use a 20% off coupon. You should be able to do your entire yak. Just cut out stencils from cardboard and transfer to the mat. Then use heavy duty spray adhesive on both pieces till tacky and stick them on. Super simple and inexpensive.
  11. I bought a roll of Anti-fatigue mat from HF yesterday and have already started cutting it up.
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  12. allwayzfishin

    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    LOL, your has worked really well for me on many different projects. The price they charge for marine mats is ridiculous.