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    Just wondering if n e one else has the sig .22 mosquito and if they do how do they like it. Reason why im asking is cus we ordered my other half one, i got her into a shooting range for the first time after 8 years and started her out shooting a 22 and been working her up a differant cal. each time and she likes how the .22 the best. she has held well over 15 dif 22's and found that she is the most comfert holding the sig.
  2. Have one and love it. Feels like a full size, has all the same features as a 226 including a decocker. I bought it mainly for range time to shoot cheaply, but maintain the feel of a fullsize. Fun gun, accurate, and plenty of accessories available. Great piece IMO.

  3. I bought one new last year and have yet to shoot it.
    Was wondering which 22 ammo you have found to shoot/cycle best.
    A guy at the gun shop said that Sig made a 22 before and everyone agrees it was way better than the Mosquito, heard anything on this.
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    steelheadBob Robs Guide Service

    everyone that i have talked to said they like useing the cci stinger rounds. I think they have almost 1900 fps vol. and r good for target shootong, good range.
  5. Nice price on them, too (for a sig). My cousin picked one up at the gun show last weekend for $310 +tax.