Side imaging lake erie?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by chaunc, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Just curious to know if anybody is using the new hummingbird 997csi on the big pond? If so, will you post pictures here. I cant afford one but i really enjoy looking at the pictures they give. Awesome machine.
  2. I have one, but I am not fishing the big lake. I am totaly relearning lakes I thought I knew.

  3. Hatchetman

    Hatchetman Senior Member

    I've got the 797 with NVB, all the hot spots maps and gold maps. Unfortunitly, I'm am just in the beginning stages of learning it Smitty. It is one amazing tool. I've only been out twice since I got it. I wanted the 997 but at the price I got this one I can't complain(free). I'll explain that to you someday. I see no reason whatsoever why it wouldn't work on Erie. Maybe we can meet up sometime up at Conny and you can show me the trolling tricks and we can test out the 797. Drop me a pm if you want....Pete