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Sick of Ohio's officials:

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BottomBouncer, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. I do not understand their thinking!!! Why ban certain types, "assault weapons" of guns??? Do they REALLY think that a criminal is going to go into a gun store and purchase a weapon????? These guns will find there way on to the streets regardless. they can go through a vest huh??? HEY people........just because an HK assault weapon shooting .308's may go will my Browing .308. SO STUPID :mad:

    If someone wants to shoot an officer.......any high powered rifle will's the bullet, not the gun it is coming from.......

    I can see not selling full auto weapons, that's it and that's all.

    I'm just SICK of these people going after and taking our right piece by piece, little by little. They are going to start pss-ing off the wrong groups.........
    And if gets me....the police are so happy. Yeah, sure they can buy whatever.......automatic or anything.......weapon, the ban doesn't effect them....... What about the everyday gun enthusiast, collector or hunter.

    They say the ban also doesn't apply to target shooters, among a few others. Who is considered a target shooter???????? I shoot targets, do I count????
  2. All this ban will do is cost the taxpayer money. As soon as this stupid law is passed you can bet there will be legal challenges, not to mention the NRA convention will pull out of Columbus costing more lost money. When are these morons (specifically Mike Menter) going to learn that gun control does't deter crime. Statistics show that time and time again.

  3. BigChessie

    BigChessie BIG PIMPIN' "GIGELO"

    Don't forget that you have to register your guns in the next 90 days. If I lived up here I would bet you my last dollar if I went in there and had to register 10 "assault" weapons they would have the ATF knocking on my door wanting to know why I have a "arsenal" . Then after they find my 5000 + rounds I hope you all will pay my bail to get me out.
  4. The politicians are pandering to the stupid vote. Some people believe that there is a connection between loose gun laws and crime. There is not.

    Regarding your comment on machine guns:
    It takes more effort to go to a gun store and buy a gun than it does to illegally convert a gun. The only people who are legally buying machine guns are the people who want to be legal. The criminals will never file the paperwork and follow the 1934 NFA law. The 1986 law banning the production of new machine guns was absolutely stupid. It only affected law-abiding citizens that like to fire full auto.

    Regarding your comment on the police:
    I don’t think that the police realize that the population could make IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) from items found around most suburban homes.
  5. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    all the ban amounts to is politics.a columbus council member trying to make a little noise for his career,that's all.
    the ban simple makes no sense.the bushmaster will be banned but a ruger mini will not.why? simple cosmetics between the two.they both chamber the same .223 round are are EQUALLY SAFE in the hands of someone who has no criminal intent.
    lets see just how much money that cowtown loses when the nra decides to take their 2007 convention to a city where the politicians have a quality that so many others don't......common sense!
  6. BKent

    BKent Blacklick Creek Resident

    The last two ban's they passed got shot down by the courts, lets hope the same happens here.

    Does this apply to all of Franklin county, or just Columbus?

    BTW I target shoot with my AK and my FN Fal...
  7. Yeah, I have had both an AR and currently have a mini......personally, I think my mini is far more accurate than my AR if I really wanted to ef someone up..........I could go to Gander Moutain and buy one. They are so dumb. I mean, many guns shoot the same round. How many Ohio officers have been killed because a round went through their vest?

    Is this ban a Franklin county thing?

    I've had Ar's, AK's, a .300 magnum(Browning bolt action with scope and bipod) I guess that makes me a sniper :rolleyes:

    I apologize for the aggravation in the original post, I just watched the news and these whack jobs were parading around because they got what they wanted. Do they NOT want to make money off of the taxes from gun and ammo sales, plus all the things people buy for shooting? Things like this just hurt the local economy, it sure isn't protecting anyone.
  8. I believe the ban is Columbus City limits, but since that's most of Franklin, what does it matter.

    I do not own any gun, and I am opposed to gun control. I believe in protecting other people's rights. Mentel is trying to make a name for himself so when Coleman runs for govenor, he can run for mayor in Columbus. I am glad to be living in Cincinnati now.

    Gun control does not reduce crime. We all now that. It is a failure of the system (one that I used to work in) to adequately punish criminals that creates such rates of crime. Murder will get you 8 years in jail. How many sexual predators have been released and re-offended? For every story you hear, I can guarantee there are 3 you never hear about because the victim is too embarrassed or scared to say so. We have lost complete faith in our system, because it gives so no reason to have any.

    If the ban goes through and is later found to be unconstitutional, maybe the council members should repay the city for the lost money. Include the money lost from the 2007 convention and I'll bet they'll learn their lesson.