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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by twistertail, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Anyone been out yet? There should be some up by this weekend with the 70 degree weather coming the next few days.
  2. Hey twistertail
    Hows it going
    The guys down at work have been finding them in ross co and a few at Tar Hollow couple weeks ago he found 40+ of the blacks about 3-4 " tall down in ross co. so its startin to happen

  3. Still early...But if you just have to go out to see for yourself, try to stay on the deer trails....that way you won't knock over the one still below the leaves. Give it a couple more weeks down south. Btw....Blacks aka wrinkled thimble cap, known to cause gastrointestinal disorder when consumed with alcohol
  4. Thanks for the heads up Geowol. I'm going to try to get out this weekend, I'm only about 20 minutes from Tar Hollow. If Deer Creek is back to normal I', going to hit it for some w/b and look for some shrooms over there.
  5. I want to start mushroom hunting this year. Last year (my 1st year) I was too early. Approx when should I begin looking? I live in Stark County (Canal Fulton). I've heard different tell-tale signs to watch for. (Tulip poplar's begin to blossom, oak leaves as big as a mouses ear, etc...). What should I look for? Are certain areas better than others?

    This could be a great thread for us 'shroom novices. Thanks!
  6. I've always heard to look around ash trees but the best places I have found them have been around old apple trees, everyone will tell you something different. I think you could start finding them anytime. I always like hunting up hill, start at the bottom of a ravine or hill and zig zag your way up. They just seem easier for me to see on the way up than on the way down. Always look around old fallen trees. Really you just have to get in the woods and find them and then take a good look around at the area you found them and pay attention to the types of trees and bushes and even what it smells like and then look for other areas like that. After a while you just get a sense that your in a good spot.