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    sunday i took my son with me to a spot that's a couple of miles behind our house to look for some mushrooms.i knew that it's a bit early for the area but i guess you never know til you go nd the exercise didn't hurt either!(according to my doctor!!).anyway,we didn't find any mushrooms but we did come across something that i've never seen growing in the wild was a big patch of virginia bluebell flowers.i've been in alot of different woods and backpacked in some fairly remote places but i've never seen these before.
    well we dug a small clump of them and tranplanted them into a bed at the house and it looks like they're gonna's a pic.

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  2. Nice flowers. Haven't seen them around here either. On the mushrooms, my brother in Findlay found 2 blacks yesterday so they should be ready here in Columbus.

  3. The guys at work say they are ready but I havn't been able to get out of the place to check, let alone wet a line
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    There's patches of native bluebells up here in Bedford that cover over an acre!
    Just to the girl last night its time to go for a hike- there starting to bloom.
  5. jeffmo, I was out yesterday shroom hunting and came across some virginia bluebell flowers. if I hadn't seen your post i wouldn't have even noticed them. By the way zilch on the shrooms. this was in Columbus area.
  6. Chopiq found 30 greys yesterday in delaware,county. But man is it dry if we get a little rain look-out!!
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    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    i'm headed up to michigan the 2nd week of may.we're gonna hit the woods for 6 days this year.i sure hope we get into them while we're there.
    i didn't get to go last year so the were no mushrooms to fry for the ohio state games.