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Shouldn't have sold it

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Star1pup, May 17, 2017.

  1. Over the years I've sold too many things I wish I'd kept. Of course a couple guns, but I once sold an older Smoker Craft 16' Big Fisherman and I still kick myself. It would be perfect here on this small lake.

    Oh well, we live and learn, but sometimes experience is a tough teacher. I'll bet some of you guys have done the same thing. Right?
  2. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    I sold s 18 foot 8 foot stern Jon bbost with a cabin on it. Hard up for money and no place to store it.

  3. Decoy hound

    Decoy hound Supporting Member

    I can never seem to sell anything because I'm a hoarder!
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  4. Everything but that beautiful Tiara you have for sale lol! Wish I was in the market!
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  5. I bought my first boat back in 1963. It was a 10ft wide beam Jon that was very light in weight. I fished many farm ponds and back woods lakes out of that boat. My son grew up fishing with me in that boat until he was a teen and then I made the mistake of selling the "take anywhere" boat and getting a 14ft Starcraft. There have been many times through the years when I wished I had that short/light Jon to use again.
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  6. I also sold a Folbot that I built and it was a great cross between a kayak and a canoe. I miss it, but that was a very long time ago.
  7. Many cars and about a 1/2 dozen guns for sure that I'd like to have back. But hey, they make for good stories when you're sittin' around with your buddy's and saying, " man, that '64 Vette I had sure did move".
    Never been attached to a boat, but had and sold a Lund W-16 with a 40 tiller that was just right for my needs. Probably won't buy another though.
  8. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    I want my 1973 Hornet hatch V8 360-2bbl back.
  9. 1963 Corvair that was partially restored, 1977 Camero fully restored, Winchester Model 1400 duck gun....the list goes on...
  10. Harry1959

    Harry1959 Harry

    My first car. 68 Dodge Charger, red . Black interior, black vinyl top. 383 threw a rod and my brother dropped a 440 in it. I traded it for a vega
  11. My Smoker Craft was tiller, but sure laid out just right for this small lake. We bought a pontoon in 2003 so probably sold the Smoker Craft in 2004. I still have the pontoon, but it's hard to control on a windy day like this. Also have an older Fisher bass type boat, but still liked the Smoker Craft better. Never missed a car I sold, but my first one was a 1941 Chevy I bought in 1953 when I was 16.
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  12. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    Long ago a friend told me "Everyone I talk to kind of looks over my shoulder and tells me about a car they used to have."
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  13. I'm not a car head, but my dad had a new Frazer and a new Kiazer. Those were neat.
  14. I do keep checking places like Craig's list for a boat similar to my departed Smoker Craft. There is a 16' Lund Rebel listed that I drool over, but doubt I can convince my wife to start selling and buying more boats. Our Lake Erie sailboats started at 20' and closed out with Restless IV that was 29'. Boats just keep growing. :)
  15. baitguy

    baitguy catchin my own bait since 1957 basin

    Why??? :p:cool:
  16. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    1975 Jeep CJ5, frame up rebuild, fiberglass body, built 304 cubic inch engine putting out around 325 hp. 3 speed, Dana rears, Detroit locker, etc. Hot rod that I owned for 11 years. Sold it when my wife told me I could put the money towards a boat. Unfortunately that promise fell through but my Jeep was gone. Still miss it to this day.
  17. oh yes, my 67 SS camaro with a 396 rat motor.......still regretting that 30 years later
  18. Sold my cabin up north that does not bother me. But I got home with the stuff and I sold my 4 wheeler and my 14 ft smoker craft with a 8 hp motor. I have never suffered so much and it has been 4 years. I still have a 17 ft boat. I just could not store the stuff. still moaning.
  19. sold my 1970 w 30 hurst olds 442 25 years ago to get married.........hmm sometimes I wonder who got the better deal, lol p.s don't tell my wife I said that
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  20. Wish I had kept my 73 Plymouth Duster 340 that I sold in 79.